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I am a historical archaeologist with an interest in the reflexive relationship between identity and material culture, i.e. how material culture is used to express identity, and how it also helps to create and shape those same identities. The majority of my publications are on the French immigrants of Early Modern London. I have also co-pulished research on the cemetery memorials of British Gypsy-Travellers, archaeological theory, and urban archaeology. For details, please see below.

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In addition, for several years, I was an Assistant Editor for Post-Medieval Archaeology, Europe’s leading journal of historical archaeology. The journal has an international scope and a high research impact factor. They are always on the look-out for new submissions. Contact either of the co-editors, James Dixon and Katherine Fennelly, at:

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Parker, G. (Ed.) 2014

Probate Inventories of French Immigrants in Early Modern London

Aldershot: Ashgate

Ninety-two probate inventories transcribed and edited for publication. Includes a 16,000-word introduction, discussion and analysis of the included documents.


"The presence of French Huguenot refugees and other immigrants in early modern London has been examined in terms of settlement patterns, religious integration, and the formation of a strong professional identity. With this book, the archaeologist Greig Parker proposes a re-investigation of this presence by opening a window onto the French immigrants' domestic interiors. Standardized formal inventories recorded the resaleable possessions of a deceased person, valued room by room. Following a constraining and fairly convincing multi-step method, Parker hand-picks ninety-two probate inventories recorded all over London and stored at the London Metropolitan Archives. Yet he acknowledges certain doubts regarding the complete accuracy of this selection. These could easily be cast aside: Probate Inventories currently stands as the most complete and methodical collection of administrative archives… “Without a doubt, Parker’s contribution to Huguenot scholarship and domestic history will be invaluable to researchers and students in migrant communities in early modern London, as well as those interested in the material culture of the urban middle classes.”

Juliette Reboul. French Studies, Volume 69, Issue 3, July 2015, Pages 390—99.

“These 92 inventory transcriptions, supported by a glossary, bibliography and indices, are thus a very solid addition to the existing corpus and … this book should be in any serious library.”

Newsletter of the Furniture History Society

“The transcriptions are packed with interesting and puzzling items that will surely provoke discussion. … This volume would be a welcome addition to the shelves of both researchers and teachers.”

Sixteenth Century Journal

“…a useful and necessary resource for historians studying French Protestant immigration, acculturation of immigrants to London, material culture and cultural studies.”

Seventeenth Century

Journal Articles

  • Davies, P. & G. Parker, 2016, ‘Cities in the modern world’, Post-Medieval Archaeology 50(1): 53—72.
  • Parker, G. & McVeigh, C. 2013, ‘Do Not Cut the Grass: Expressions of British Gypsy-Traveller identity on cemetery memorials’, Mortality 18(3): 290—312.
  • Parker, G. 2013, ‘Complexity and Diversity: Domestic material culture and French immigrant identity in early modern London’, Post-Medieval Archaeology 47(1): 67—83.
  • Parker, G. 2009, ‘Huguenot Identity in post-medieval London’, Assemblage Online Student Journal 10: 7—15.

Book Contributions

  • Parker, G. 2013, ‘Articles of Faith and Decency: the Huguenot refugees’, In A. Badcock & J. Symonds (eds) Historical Archaeologies of Cognition, pp. 72–84. London: Equinox.
  • Parker, G. 2011, ‘Expressions of Conformity: Identifying Huguenot religious beliefs in the landscape’, In C. King & D. Sayer (eds), The Archaeology of Post-Medieval Religion, pp.107–20. Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer.

Invited Speaker

  • Parker, G. and McVeigh, C. 2014, ‘King of the Road: Exploring the Role of Cemetery Memorials within Contemporary British Gypsy-Traveller Society’, University of Cambridge: Heritage Research Group Seminar, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.

Conference Papers

  • Parker, G. and McVeigh, C. 2013, ‘Understanding Contemporary Gypsy-Traveller Experience Through the Analysis of Memorials’ UCL: Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory Conference: Experience.
  • Parker, G. 2013, ‘Diversity in Adversity: French immigrant identity in early modern London’, University of Leicester: Society for Historical Archaeology Conference.
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  • Parker, G. 2010, ‘An Absence of Artefacts: The importance of material culture in the making of a Huguenot public’, University of British Columbia, Vancouver: Making Publics Conference.
  • Parker, G. 2008, 'Expressions of Conformity: Identifying Huguenot religious beliefs through material culture', Norwich: Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology & Society of Church Archaeology Conference: The Archaeology of Post-Medieval Religion.
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  • Parker, G. 2006, 'Huguenot Identity in Post-Medieval London', Sheffield: Student Colloquium.

Technical Literature

In addition, between 2001-2004, while employed with TRC, Inc., I co-authored a series of technical reports on the archaeology of California.